The M&A Certification Program is one of the most solid investments you or your organization can make for yourself. Accelerated personal and intellectual development, broader strategic vision and immediately applicable knowledge are key elements you can expect from the M&A Certification Program. Each course equips you with new skills to identify, frame, and solve complex M&A problems. You increase your confidence to make important business decisions in an uncertain and rapidly changing environment and your leadership skills to drive fundamental change within your organization and industry. The M&A Certification gives you also the opportunity to apply your new skills under the expert guidance of MAP’s top faculty during the real life business case at the end of the program.

Relevant to your career

All organizations face global challenges and competition today, independent of their size. Both local enterprises and multinational corporations require leaders who are at ease doing business not only in their own country, but also outside its borders. It is essential that you, the company executive, have a deep understanding of the fast changing global environment, how these changes affect your local industry, and how your organization can best leverage its resources to excel in the face of different challenges.

Drawing on real examples from regional, European and international businesses, the USI EMBA’s faculty help you to prepare for this role. You will also be able to meet senior managers from local and regional companies as they will be invited to present and discuss current topics with the class, in this way you will expand your local network.


All organizations – local enterprises and multinational corporations – face global challenges and competition today. Independend from their size both local businesses and multinational corporations require professional leaders who are at ease of understanding the market. It is essential that you, that you have a comprehensive understanding of the fast changing global environment, how these changes affect your local industry, and how your organization can best leverage its resources to excel in the face of different challenges.

The M&A Certification is designed to adress exactly this.


Since the M&A Certification is a part-time program and you continue to work, it is important to balance both work and study commitments.

The M&A Certification stimulates you to become more effective in the office and to face new business challenges with fresh perspectives and energy. In parallel, the lectures are designed to fit even into lunch breaks. An tailor made e-learning platform enables you to continue exchanging information and knowledge with the faculty, even on your smartphone.


The M&A Certification Program is focused on creating a win-win situation for both candidates and their organizations. By investing in a high-potential employee and giving him/her the chance to get the globally recognized M&A Certification, an organization benefits in the short-term from the fresh knowledge and ready-to-apply skills of the candidate. In the medium-term, the final real life business case offers the opportunity of a fresh look at current and future projects. In addition, in the long-term, the organization benefits from the graduate’s energy and drive to secure a solid basis for growth and expansion, his/her enhanced leadership skills, as well as a new network of multi-industry contacts.


After the M&A Certification you eligible to join the prestigious MAP Circle. You have proven that you are capable to gain the most recent M&A knowledge.


I was looking for my dream job in investment banking. However, I experienced that good grades are not enough to get a foot in the door of the big players. So, I took the M&A Certification program to gain applicable knowledge of the industry and be a step ahead of my peers. After getting my dream job I can tell that the effort was worth it.

Felix Baecker

Analyst, Frankfurt

I work in a regional market in a developing country. Most edcuational programs just do transport applicable skills for the normal day to day business. Thats why I am so happy. The curriculum is designed to fit for all company sizes.

Michelle Zuma

Advisor, Johannesburg

The step from Mumbai to Wallstreet is tough. It is by far not enough to have good grades and be motivated. You need international experience and applicable knowledge. The M&A Certification Program exactly provides that. The hands on faculty show you exactly what you need to be successful.

Yaro Kumar

Investment Banking, New York

I am the head of an integration team within one of the largest chemical companies in the world. My team and already tried a lot of different programs and trainings. However, the flexible schedule of the online format with hands on faculty and the two track system was great. We had the opportunity to get in touch with collegues from all over the world to share our thoughts and approaches.

Mike Oliver

Corporate Integration, London