Why should I choose the M&A Certificate Program?

The M&A Certification Program is designed for people who want to archieve more in their professional life. Its for those who are willing to go the extra mile to show their collegues, peers and clients that their archieved the current standard in M&A education.

How long does the Certification take?

The average duration of the M&A Certification is around 100 hours of work. Depending on your former knowledge and if you are taking it online or on-site.

When can I start with the Certification?

You can start the online format right away. The on-site certification are published here.

Do I receive a physical certification?

Yes. After finishing all modules you will receive the official M&A certification send to your address.

Are there any prerequisites?

No. The Certification Program does not have any formal prerequisites. However, it is highly recommended that you have at least two years of experience.

What happens when I fail an assignment?

If you fail an assignment (<70%) you are allowed to take it again at no additional costs.

How much time do I have for the M&A Certification?

The average duration until certification is around 9 weeks. However, you have 26 weeks to finish all the modules. After that an additional late fee apply,

What are my benefits?

You benefit directly from an recognized and accredited certification and an international network within the program.