Mergers & Acquisitions Certification Program

 About the M&A Certification Program

The M&A Certification Program is custructed by leading faculty members and M&A experts from the industry. It is the essence of their work and reflects the only M&A Program with a regional focus and global scope. That is possible through the two unique two track system. The complete framework and the Body of Knowledge providing a holistic view of the entire M&A process. The courses can be taken online, on-site or as combination of the two. We are proud to say that we created a complete program which is suitable for all career levels and professions within M&A.

The perfect Candidate

The perfect candidate for the M&A Certification program is someone who has either significant professional experience in the fild or is highly motivated to enter into the M&A market. Most certified professionals did the Certification to sharpen their professional profile or reorientation.

Why MAP?

The M&A Certification by the MAP Institute is a modular program for finance professionals. It is the essence of decades of experience from the MAP faculty. The flexible format allows managers, exectuives and other professionals with tight schedules to finish the program while working full time. The Certification ends with the opportunity for the participants to apply their freshly gained knowledge and skills in a real-life business case.

 Overview of the Content

To become a Certified Mergers and Acquisitions Professional you have to work yourself through a total of three core courses and one specialisation class. Candidates have to finish first the Essentials of Mergers and Acquisition, the Due Diligence and the Finance & Valuation course. Then every candidate has the opportunity to decide which specialisation fits his or her needs: Post Merger Integration or M&A Practice.

After finishing all four modules you will get the opportunity to apply your new knowledge in a final real-life business case.

1 Program - 2 Tracks

Candidates for the M&A Certification Program have to pass 4 courses. 3 core and one specialization course.

Core (mandatory):

1. Essentials of Mergers & Acquisitions 2. Due Diligence 3. Post Merger Integration

Specialization (one elective):

Post Merger Integration or M&A Practice The M&A Certification Program sets the educational standard for a very diverse industry. To reflect the different professions within M&A candidates have the opportunity to emphasize whether on Integration or running a successful M&A Practice.

How is the Certificate structured?
Each of the four courses is divided into sections and many subsections. Each of the subsections consist out of a short interactive video lecture (5-10 min) and a concept checker to apply the freshly gained knowledge. After each section candidates have to answer a row of open questions regarding the content. At the end of each course candidates have to answer a multple choice exam (50 questions, 70% passing range). At the end of the Certification candidates have the opportunity to apply their freshly gained knowledge within a real life business case of one of our research partners.
How flexible is the Program?
The program is designed to be as flexible as possible for you and your organization. Therefore you have a full year to finish the full certification Program and get the recognized M&A Certificate.

No. of Learning Sections

Average Section Lenght (in min)

Average Duration for Certification (in weeks)

Faculty Members involved

Core Courses

Specialization Courses

Essentials of M&A
The course Essentials of Mergers and Acquisitions is a quick dive into various topics of M&A.
Due Diligence
Due Diligence is an in-depth overview of functionalities of diffrent areas in Due Diligence
Finance and Valuation
Finance & Valuation covers not alone the commonly used financial models. It primarly explains concepts behind them and usefuly custimizations for real life.
Post Merger Integration
Post Merger integration is basically the most underestimated area in M&A. This section covers the whole integration process from planning over execution to monitoring and controlling.
M&A Practice
M&A Practice covers topics related to M&A advisory business. From stakeholder management and pipeline building up to information gathering.

Your Story

I liked the international scope with regional focus in the program the most. The gained knowledge and networking opportunities within on-site events was a great opportunity for me. Matthew Lee

Private Equity, Shanghai

As a middle market M&A advisor I loved to get an insight global perspectives but gaining applicable skills for my business. I think this is the reason why such new program got popular so quickly. Harald Zuckerman

Advisor, Atlanta

Reasons to take the Program


New Insights

Discover new facts and findings in fields that you already have worked in and gain new insights in areas that you have interest in getting more exposure to: Creating more career opportunities and advancement.


While being hands-on and practical, we bring the academic foundation and substance to discuss and explore the field in a structured way based on the Body of Knowledge for Mergers & Acquisitions which is curated by an expert committee.


While most programs by academic providers are highly theoretical, our program combines academics with deal experience, corporate M&A professionals and consultants as faculty to provide useful and practical know-how and tools.


The program does not only cover the most up-to-date expertise on M&A from the United States, but also includes international know-how from all around the world, developed and emerging markets as well as cross-border transactions.


The American Institute of CPAs is with more than 418000 members working in 143 countries the biggest accounting body worldwide. The Programs of the Mergers Institute are counting as Continued Professional Education (CPE).
CPA Ireland
The Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Ireland (CPA Ireland) is with its 5000 members one of the main Irish accountancy bodies. Mergers Institute M&A Program accounts for the continued professional development (CPD) requirements of CPA Charterholders.
CPA Australia
With over 155000 members working in 118 countries worldwide the CPA Australia is one of the biggest accounting organizations in the world. The programs of the Mergers Institue are accepted as continued professional development (CPD) for CPA Australia Charterholders.
With around 40000 members the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants is one of the most imporant bodies in Asia. Members can take the Mergers Institute program to fullfill their continued professional development (CPD) requirements.
CPA Canada
The Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada) is with more than 210000 members the major accounting association in Canada. The M&A programs of the Mergers Institute counts towards continuing professional development (CPD) requirements of CPA Charterholders.
ICAEW is with more than 145000 Members one of the worlds leading accounting bodies in the world. The Mergers Instiute is accredited as a continued professional development trainings (CPD) provider.
CPA India
The Institute of Certified Public Accountants is a voluntarily formed professional accountancy body in India. The M&A program by the Mergers Institute is accredited to count towards their contiued professional development (CPD) requirements.
The Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants is the major accounting body in Singapore. The Mergers Institute accounts for the Continued Professional Education (CPE) requirements of CPA Chartelholders.

The MAP MI Way

Global scope with focus on regional roots. The Certification is designed in a way to adress the needs of regional business intermediaries as well as teams from huge business corporations. Thats why the Program focuses on application rather than theory. The specialization course (Post Merger Integration or M&A Practice) offers the opportunity for you and your organization to gain tailored knowledge for direct application within your business.

Online vs On-site

Real-life Business CaseYesYes
All course materials includedYesYes
Lifelong online access to most current contentYes
Start right awayYes
On-Demand video lectures & direct tutoringYes
Full flexibilityYes
Work from anywhere in the worldYes
Different dates & locations worldwideYes
Interactive discussionsYes
Networking with peersYes
Complete the program in 3 days Yes
Meet face to face with facultyYes


All organizations – local enterprises and multinational corporations – face global challenges and competition today. Independend from their size both local businesses and multinational corporations require professional leaders who are at ease of understanding the market. It is essential that you, that you have a comprehensive understanding of the fast changing global environment, how these changes affect your local industry, and how your organization can best leverage its resources to excel in the face of different challenges.

The M&A Certification is designed to adress exactly this.


Since the M&A Certification is a part-time program and you continue to work, it is important to balance both work and study commitments.

The M&A Certification stimulates you to become more effective in the office and to face new business challenges with fresh perspectives and energy. In parallel, the lectures are designed to fit even into lunch breaks. An tailor made e-learning platform enables you to continue exchanging information and knowledge with the faculty, even on your smartphone.


The M&A Certification Program is focused on creating a win-win situation for both candidates and their organizations. By investing in a high-potential employee and giving him/her the chance to get the globally recognized M&A Certification, an organization benefits in the short-term from the fresh knowledge and ready-to-apply skills of the candidate. In the medium-term, the final real life business case offers the opportunity of a fresh look at current and future projects. In addition, in the long-term, the organization benefits from the graduate’s energy and drive to secure a solid basis for growth and expansion, his/her enhanced leadership skills, as well as a new network of multi-industry contacts.


After the M&A Certification you eligible to join the prestigious MAP Circle. You have proven that you are capable to gain the most recent M&A knowledge.

Key Facts

  • 1 Program 2 Tracks
  • Globally recognized
  • 50h workload
  • Short sections for full flexibility
  • Online and offline format


The tuition for the full course is USD1990. Included are all course materials, lecutres and the physical certification send via mail.

Admission Process

The Mergers & Acquisitions Professional Institute has rolling admissions to the Certification Program. So candidates can register themself at any time during the year.

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